Social media

Facebook tweak emphasizes friends over publishers

Facebook’s recent change to its News Feed algorithm is likely to impact the reach of our pages. But engaging content will continue to rise to the top. Here are some insights into the change and ideas for making engaging posts.

Social media best practices from A/B test

Many newspapers have gone through various forms of A/B testing on social media, which services that provide this A/B testing are expensive. Luckily many of them shared their results and offer the following best practices that they learned. Use text overlay on photos. This is something that more and more news media sites are doing […]

Social media tips for reporters

Using social media first and foremost as a branding and engagement tool is key for reporters. Journalism professor at the University of Texas, Robert Quigley, provides the following social media tips for reporters. Don’t limit yourself to driving traffic: Driving traffic back to your news site is overemphasized as the justification for investing in social media […]

Facebook’s NewsFeed now favors ‘Time Spent Viewing’ and ‘Diversity of Posts’

The most recent tweaks to the EdgeRank algorithm should have some impact on how our audiences receive our posts.

‘Tis the season for predictions!

Like every year, 2016 stands to present some changes to the web. Here are a few things to watch.

Digital team social media certified

Recent Poynter certification means we’re better equipped to tackle your questions and workflow issues with social media, the top sources of readers for our web products.

The key to conversation is listening

News organizations often fall into the trap of using social media only as a broadcasting platform. The platforms are dubbed “social” for a reason. Here are five strategies for listening to your community on social platforms.

Some quick livetweeting tips for newsrooms using SND

We’ve got a short video with some quick tips for livetweeting events using Social News Desk, a new tool being rolled out to our newsrooms.

How to #hashtag

Ever wonder what the big deal is with #hashtags? Check out NPR’s handy guide for journalists. We’ve got some quick takeaways from that guide and a link to the full article in our latest post.

Update to corporate website completed

The Digital Team is excited to announce that we have finished version 2.0 of our Publishing section of the corporate website, This redesign was a restructuring of not only the look, but the admin system for those editing the site. Our fresh, new look strengthens the brand styles we set forth in our initial […]