Mulinix slideshow wins NPPA award

An audio slideshow that Damian Mulinix, Chinook Observer photojournalist, created while attending the Bellingham Visual Journalism Conference in July, took second place in the National Press Photographers Assoc. national monthly multimedia contest in the Team Audio Slideshow category.

Scroll down to the Team Audio Slideshow category. Damian describes the process below.

“At the one-day Soundlides training session at the¬†Bellingham Visual Journalism Conference¬†about 16 photojournalists and other news professionals received training on creating a piece by a team from the Seattle PI and audio gathering tips from a field producer for an NPR station in the Seattle market. We were then paired off and given an assignment to go shoot and record. I was partnered with Maggie Schmidt, a PJ student at Central Washington University and summer intern at the Yakima Herald. When we got to our assignment we found that it had fell through. However upon arriving downtown I could hear a street musician playing down the next block and thought that might work instead. It was great luck and a great find as he had a great story to tell.
“Since Maggie had no real experience doing audio thats what she really wanted to learn, so I showed her the in’s and out’s of using my recorder and then I concentrated on shooting the pix. She asked some good questions to get him going and then just let him talk. We stayed for maybe an hour, as we only had two hours to work on it before heading back. Over lunch I edited my pix and felt I had a strong set. Upon arriving back, I let her do the bulk of audio editing, trying to work in a tight frame of about a minute and a half for the final piece. Through the headphones she found some great quotes and I put the finalized audio together and then produced it in Soundslides. We got done just in time to show it to the rest of the class, and it got a great reponse. At the post-class BBQ several people, including those who taught the class said it was good enough to publish on just about any major newspaper web site, including theirs. They encouraged me to post it to my blog, which I did, and to enter it in the NPPA’s contest.

“Working as a team with someone who could concentrate on getting great quotes and sounds while I shot was a great way to work. I know for a fact that if I had tried to do this alone it would not have been as good. I really think that in the future we should really consider trying this more often at our papers, as I think the end product would only be better.”

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