East Oregonian wins ‘Oops!’ award

Along with the general excellence award, the East Oregonian swallowed its pride and won the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association’s “Oops!” award – which asks newspapers around the state to submit their amusing mistakes from 2007.

The EO submitted its poll question from the Aug. 28 edition in which it inadvertently paired a poll question about methamphetamine with answers about heading back to school. The back to school question was: “Schools are opening their doors. What’s your feeling about back to school time?”

The poll question appeared in the printed edition as:

“A Hermiston police officer will be giving an informational seminar Thursday on illegal methamphetamine use. What do you think about this particular drug problem?”


A. I’m doing a happy dance.

B. I would be happy, but then I look at the money I spent on school supplies and new clothes and it kind of kills my joy.

C. I’m a teacher and the first day is a clean slate with high expectations.

D. I’m a teacher and I’m dragging my feet.

E. I have no kids and hate that I’ll have to slow down in school zones now.

F. I have no kids and love that the neighbor’s kids will be back in school instead of running through my yard.

It’s only a coincidence that the EO does not run answers with our poll questions anymore on the opinion page in the print edition.

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