Update to corporate website completed

The Digital Team is excited to announce that we have finished version 2.0 of our Publishing section of the corporate website, eomediagroup.com.

This redesign was a restructuring of not only the look, but the admin system for those editing the site. Our fresh, new look strengthens the brand styles we set forth in our initial redesign last year. It also gives us more information on each publication, and sets the stage to be able to add more as needed. Each publication now has its own individual page where visitors can find information on our apps & websites, e-editions, history, social media links, promotional videos, staff information, contact numbers and more.

This redesign was built with a responsive layout so people learning about EO Media’s publishing operations on their phone will have as great an experience as those using a large display.

Thanks to EJ and the EO for providing the newspaper art.

See it at http://publishing.eomediagroup.com

Please visit the site and offer suggestions, corrections or additions to online@eomediagroup.org.

The Digital Media Team: Laura Sellers, Crindalyn Lyster, Travis Clark, Jon Cagle and Dominic Baez.

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