Social media best practices from A/B test

Many newspapers have gone through various forms of A/B testing on social media, which services that provide this A/B testing are expensive. Luckily many of them shared their results and offer the following best practices that they learned.

  1. Use text overlay on photos. This is something that more and more news media sites are doing on their Facebook pages, and the tests prove the results. Engagement increases significantly when overlays are used.
  2. Use a quote from a story in the share text. But what type of quote does well? Find quotes that display a positive emotion. Those tend to work best.
  3. It can be a challenge sometimes to figure out what types of photos do well with links. Many newspapers follow the practice of faces as often as possible, but on social media they don’t always perform as well. So what do you pick? One that evokes emotion and plays to the context of the story. Avoid mug shots where possible and photos that are hard to see detail, as social is mobile driven.