Social Media Analytics November 2017

Below are November 2017 social media analytics for all of our various accounts.

Daily Astorian, Capital Press, Blue Mountain Eagle, and East Oregonian all had in increases in all core areas for Facebook – Reach, Views, Engagement, Clicks and Likes.

Twitter remained flat or within 1-3% increase or decrease in various areas across the company. Unfortunately, this is the case each month with little to no movement.

Congratulations to East Oregonian who had the top Facebook post in the company for comments, shares, and likes, followed by Oregon Coast Today to round out number two and three.

For category leaders in Facebook, Oregon Capital Insider had the highest storyteller rate in November again, Oregon Coast Today had the highest page likes and actions per post, East Oregonian had the highest post actions. This was the same case as in August, September, and October.

There are many resources, tools and training available to us for social media, including our Social News Desk platform and EOMG social media guidelines. If you would like more information, please contact the digital team.

If there are any questions or issues reading these reports, please let the Digital Team know. Percentages will show in green or red. Green is a positive growth, red is negative. Most of the widgets that break up the different information are set to easily answer questions from our website analytics and audience.

Analytics can be viewed at any time by visiting our analytics site here. If you would like any of those dashboards emailed to you, please email the digital team with the name of the dashboard and if you would like the analytics emailed to you either weekly or monthly.