New mission to drive EOMG into future

2017 was a challenging, full-of-change, year at EO Media Group.  2018 is looking to be just as busy. It will bring new goals, challenges and changes to us.  Some we are in the midst of, some we are actively planning and some we have yet to envision.

A positive change in 2018 is the new mission statement, a statement to tell our em

Heidi Wright

ployees and our customers who we are and what we do.  It will help the company focus and give our projects definition.

Our mission at E.O. Media Group (EOMG) is to be the local media leader for each market we serve. EOMG produces credible news that gains our communities’ trust. EOMG is committed to reporting and distributing local news and information because a well-informed public keeps our communities strong.  

We will achieve our mission by: 
  • Leveraging knowledge across all publications and products to meet the needs of our customers and to help advance the company. 
  • Seeking opportunities, investments, and acquisitions that increase our geographic and industry strength. 
  • Continually improving our products and brands by incorporating new ideas and technologies. 
The mission was created at board level, and is approved and supported by every member of the board.
We asked managers for their thoughts, too.  I liked what BME’s Editor Sean Hart said,  “I think the mission strikes a nice balance between corporate efficiency and community focus — leveraging knowledge and resources across the products while striving for community excellence. I appreciate that the tone is more from a bottom-up, everyone-on-board perspective focused on local communities, rather than a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach filled with mandates that don’t inspire people to own and actualize the mission.”
He goes on to say, “…what stands out to me is “community.” Our communities are what we are all about. We live and die with them. To encourage buy-in from the staff, I’d suggest a simple focus on our role in sustaining our communities. Our country was founded on the idea that people can govern themselves, and we in the media provide these communities with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. For us to succeed and for our communities to succeed, we must understand how important credible information is to the democratic process (from school boards to the White House) and convince our communities they cannot survive without us.”
I ask each of you to follow Sean’s suggestion: support the mission by focusing on your role in sustaining our communities through the knowledge we provide. Editorial staff: give knowledge to our communities through your words.  Advertising staff: be sure every potential customer has the opportunity to share their product and/or service through us. Accounting staff: value the customer’s time through correct billing. Circulation staff: allow the knowledge to reach the customer through excellence in distribution.
Other ways you can be guided by the mission are to work with each other, seek out knowledge from coworkers across the company, speak up when you see opportunities, be creative in improving what you do and using technology to become as efficient as possible.
The mission will also be incorporated into the handbook and each job description going forward will have a clear tie to the mission.
Do you have questions about the mission?  Reach out to me at, or contact Ginger Wing at