Active owners. Creative employees. Valuable audiences.

EO Media Group is a private, family-owned company with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. Owners are active in the business and dedicated to community journalism and the satisfaction of customers. The talent of our employees is our greatest resource, so we provide local management with plenty of autonomy to unleash creativity. Our customers are as unique as the communities we serve. We strive to exceed their expectations in all we do.

Print Publications

Our eleven newspapers provide accurate, fair and timely reporting about the people and issues impacting the communities we serve in the Pacific Northwest, reflecting the responsibility and spirit of a free press. Find more information about our publications or learn more about our commercial print operations.

Digital Media

People linked to new media know if you don’t constantly change, you are behind the curve. Our sites and products embrace a forward-looking mindset. It's no secret that technology changes the way news is gathered, produced and delivered, everyday. Our digital department is not only innovative, but adaptive, idea-driven and fun.