Digital team social media certified

While sometimes freaky, one of the things that’s great about digital media is that it’s always changing, which is one of the reasons many of us got into the news business to begin with: it’s never the same day twice. It’s no secret that the majority of our site traffic comes from social media, which is great because it shows that the people we serve seek out and share our work with their friends and family.

I just finished a Poynter course on social media, which focused on using social platforms to engage audiences, find better sources, and expand your newsroom’s reach within and among your communities.

Topics included:

  • LinkedIn: connecting with resources, breaking stories, promoting your brand (personal and organizationally)
  • Twitter: boosting engagement ad increasing audience
  • Facebook as a reporting tool: find story ideas sources, information and quotes and engage audiences
  • Snapchat: the biggest platform among teens and young adults
  • Social strategies and analytics: reporting with social tools and metrics to know how and what audiences want to know

I’m looking forward to working with our newsrooms to create and manage these tools to be more efficient and better connected with the communities we serve. If you have any questions about social platforms or your strategies and techniques for using them, send an email.