ProPublica and Google release a tipsheet tool for political stories

The new Election DataBot from ProPublica and Google News Lab is designed to give you tools to localize campaign stories.

Facebook tweak emphasizes friends over publishers

Facebook’s recent change to its News Feed algorithm is likely to impact the reach of our pages. But engaging content will continue to rise to the top. Here are some insights into the change and ideas for making engaging posts.

Facebook’s NewsFeed now favors ‘Time Spent Viewing’ and ‘Diversity of Posts’

The most recent tweaks to the EdgeRank algorithm should have some impact on how our audiences receive our posts.

New study highlights metrics useful for journalism

An American Press Institute project set out to create analytics about journalism for newsrooms. Their findings about digital reader preferences may surprise you.

‘Tis the season for predictions!

Like every year, 2016 stands to present some changes to the web. Here are a few things to watch.

The key to conversation is listening

News organizations often fall into the trap of using social media only as a broadcasting platform. The platforms are dubbed “social” for a reason. Here are five strategies for listening to your community on social platforms.

Some quick livetweeting tips for newsrooms using SND

We’ve got a short video with some quick tips for livetweeting events using Social News Desk, a new tool being rolled out to our newsrooms.

Ad blockers, load times, and why we raise our eyebrows at widgets

Everyone’s talking about trackers and blockers these days. What does it all mean? And what does it mean for us? Read on for a quick dive into scripts, how we use them, and how ad blocking affects what we do.

How to #hashtag

Ever wonder what the big deal is with #hashtags? Check out NPR’s handy guide for journalists. We’ve got some quick takeaways from that guide and a link to the full article in our latest post.