Add a little sound to your story

One of the lesser-known tools developed by the amazing folks at Northwestern University’s Knight Lab allows you to add inline audio. So, as you’re reading a quote from a 911 call, you can click on the words and you actually hear that bit of the call. Chilling. The tool, SoundCite, can be used to include ambient noise from an event or a clip of music.

You don’t need to know how to code. SoundCite is friction-free. If you can record audio, upload it to, or save it as an MP3 or Ogg file on one of our websites through the Edit UI. Then you are ready to use SoundCite.

SoundCite is one of a series of tools for content creators produced by the Northwestern University Knight Lab. It was created by Medill student Tyler Fisher and Medill Asst. Professor Jeremy Gilbert.