‘Tis the season for predictions!

As 2015 wraps up, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on how the web changed and look forward to the coming year. As with any prediction, there’s bound to be specifics that change and new things that have yet to be made public. But some trends are definitely in the works:

  • Page load times are coming to a head. Facebook’s Instant Articles, and Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) were close behind. The takeaway? Users are tired of slow, cluttered pages and they vote with their feet. We’ll be looking into speeding up pages as it’s almost certain to become part of search rankings soon.
  • Twitter changes afoot? Twitter’s been adding features and there’s been talk about going beyond the 140-character limit. And the company is testing a news feed that’s not chronological, which suggests some level of curation at the platform level. Time to make every post sing.
  • The (re)rise of visual. Instagram surpassed 400 million users this year and is toying with adding links to posts, a feature that would be very important to publishers. Livestreaming app Periscope also presents opportunities for video in real time. Both platforms live on mobile, both in viewing and collection.

Got any other digital trends you’re watching? Questions about stuff you’re reading? Let us know!